April 16, 2014

Away We Go

Away We Go, 2009. An expectant couple searches for a place to live.

Directed by Sam Mendes. Written by Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida. Starring John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph, with Carmen Ejogo, Catherine O'Hara, Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Messina, Melanie Lynskey, & Paul Schneider.

Concept: People Who Love Each Other: The Movie. B
Story: B
Characters: The secondary characters are too absurd, but the leads make up for it. A
Dialog: A
Pacing: A
Cinematography: B
Special effects/design: B
Acting: Often great. B
Music: B
Enjoyment: I thought it was great the first time I saw it, and the second time around I got a lot more out of it. (Maybe I was expecting a comedy the first time, given the cast, and held the lack of belly laughs against it.) Seeing real love portrayed in a movie is a rare and powerful thing. A+

GPA: 3.5/4

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