May 15, 2009


Title: Platoon
Year: 1986
Director: Oliver Stone
Writer: Oliver Stone
Starring: Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger
Music: Georges Delerue (and non-original music)
Distinctions: Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Sound; Oscar nominations for Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Dafoe), Best Supporting Actor (Berenger) and Best Cinematography; currently #141 on IMDb's Top 250
Length: 120 minutes
Synopsis: a soldier's time in Vietnam
How I saw it: on video (rented from Netflix), yesterday
Subjective Rating: 3/10 (Bad).
Objective Rating: 3/10 (gets points for special effects/design, acting and music) c. 2.1/4 (Okay).

More of a political statement than a movie. There's no story - just a bunch of terrible things happen. There seems to be an attempt at a story; the voice-over at the end outlines character development that might have happened during the course of the movie, but I guess most of it must have taken place off screen or something.

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