November 2, 2011


Title: Labyrinth
Year: 1986
Length: 101 minutes
Director: Jim Henson
Writer: Terry Jones; story by Dennis Lee & Jim Henson
Starring: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly
With: Brian Henson, Ron Mueck, David Shaughnessy, Percy Edwards, Timothy Bateson, Michael Hordern, Denise Bryer (voices); Shari Weiser, Rob Mills, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Kevin Clash, Karen Prell, Frank Oz (performers)
Music: Trevor Jones (score); David Bowie (songs)
Cinematography: Alex Thomson
Editing: John Grover
I saw it: on video many times, most recently yesterday (have on DVD)
Synopsis: a teenager must rescue her baby brother from a fantasy world

My reaction
Concept: 4/4 (Great)
Story: 3/4 (Good)
Characters: 3/4 (Good)
Dialog: 4/4 (Great)
Pacing: 3/4 (Good)
Cinematography: 3/4 (Good)
Special effects/design: 4/4 (Great)
Acting: 3/4 (Good)
Music: 3/4 (Good)
Subjective Rating: 10/10 (Favorite of my favorites, 4/4 5/4). When I was a kid, whenever we'd rent movies from the library, this was the only one I ever wanted to get.
Objective Rating (Average): 3.4/4 3.5/4 (Very good)

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