March 22, 2010

A Queen Is Crowned

Title: A Queen Is Crowned
Year: 1953
Length: 79 minutes
Writer: Christopher Fry
Starring: Laurence Olivier
Music: Guy Warrack; Malcolm Sargent (advisor)
Distinctions: Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature

My reaction
Synopsis: the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, with a patriotic voice-over
How I saw it: on TV, yesterday
Concept: Good.
Story: n/a
Characters: n/a
Dialog: Bad. The narration is corny and frustratingly uninformative. A 21st-century American is very much not the intended audience.
Pacing: Bad.
Cinematography: Indifferent.
Special effects/design: n/a
Acting: Bad.  Olivier likes to shout, to let you know he really means it.
Music: Indifferent.
Subjective Rating: 4/10 (Eh). It's a fascinating historical document, but not much of a movie.
Objective Rating: 1.7/4 (Eh).

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