March 23, 2009


Title: Persona
Year: 1966 (Sweden), 1967 (US)
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Writer: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann
Music: Lars Johan Werle
Distinctions: formerly on IMDb's Top 250
Synopsis: a nurse looks after a voluntarily mute actress
How I saw it: on video (rented from Netflix), March 2008
Subjective Rating: 3/10 (Bad).
Objective Rating: 2/10 (gets points for pacing and acting) c. 1.6/4 (Eh).

Surreal, pretentious angst. The characters are remarkably uninteresting for a movie that, as far as I can tell, spent the entire time developing two characters. You have to be a crazy-as-f*** nihilist Scandinavian for any of the dialog to make sense. And it looks like it was shot by a bad film student. Maybe that's because Bergman is what bad student films are trying to look like, but it still looks like a bad student film. At least it was only 85 minutes.

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