March 30, 2009

A Night at the Opera

Title: A Night at the Opera
Year: 1935
Director: Sam Wood
Writers: George S. Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind
Starring: The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico & Harpo Marx), Kitty Carlisle, Allan Jones
Music: Herbert Stothart
Synopsis: the Marx Brothers help Chico's opera-singing friend make it in New York
How I saw it: on video, yesterday (on VHS from the library)
Subjective Rating: 7/10 8/10 (Great).
Objective Rating: 5/10 (points off for concept, story, characters, cinematography and special effects/design) c. 2.6/4 (Good).

Very funny. Harpo's still funnier than the other two, but this time around they're all hilarious. My favorite bit:


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