July 16, 2015

The Extra Girl

The Extra Girl, 1923 [Kino edition, Jack Ward score]. A girl escapes an arranged marriage by going to Hollywood.

Directed by F. Richard Jones. Written by Bernard McConville; story by Mack Sennett. Starring Mabel Normand, with Ralph Graves, George Nichols, Anna Dodge, Vernon Dent, Ramsey Wallace, & Charlotte Mineau.

Concept: C
Story: D
Characters: D
Dialog: C
Pacing: D
Cinematography: C
Special effects/design: C
Acting: B
Music: D
Enjoyment: It's more of a melodrama than a comedy, but it's not bad. There's a lot of action, and the handful of comedic bits are amusing. C

GPA: 1.7/4

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