June 8, 2015

Lucky Number Slevin

Lucky Number Slevin, 2006. Rival gangsters try to use a guy who's not who they think he is.

Directed by Paul McGuigan. Written by Jason Smilovic. Starring Josh Hartnett, with Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, & Stanley Tucci.

Concept: B
Story: C
Characters: C
Dialog: B
Pacing: C
Cinematography: B
Special effects/design: B
Acting: C
Music: C
Enjoyment: It's a lot of fun for the first two thirds. Then, after a twist, it essentially loses its protagonist and becomes pretty dull. It's especially frustrating since Lucy Liu's character is standing by, perfectly good to fill the vacuum, but instead she inexplicably loses all agency. C

GPA: 2.4/4

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