April 9, 2015

The X-Files: Season Two

The X-Files: Season Two, 1994-1995. Two FBI agents investigate spooky cases.

Created by Chris Carter. Directed by Rob Bowman (7 episodes), David Nutter (5), R. W. Goodwin (2), Kim Manners (2), Daniel Sackheim (1), Carter (1), Michael Lange (1), Win Phelps (1), Stephen Surjik (1), Nick Marck (1), James Whitmore, Jr. (1), Michael Vejar (1), & James Contner (1). Written by Carter (7 episodes), Glen Morgan (5), James Wong (5), Howard Gordon (5), Paul Brown (2), Sara B. Charno (2), Frank Spotnitz (2), Chris Ruppenthal (1), Steve De Jarnatt (1), Alex Gansa (1), Darin Morgan (1), & Vince Gilligan (1). Starring David Duchovny, & Gillian Anderson.

Concept: D
Story: C
Characters: B
Dialog: C
Pacing: B
Cinematography: C
Special effects/design: B
Acting: C
Music: C
Enjoyment: Inconsistent. There are some great episodes, and some really awful ones. But even at its worst, it still manages to be entertaining on some level. Even the lack of Scully early in the season is fairly quick and painless. B

GPA: 2.3/4

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