April 23, 2015

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea, 2014. A little girl is a selkie.

Directed by Tomm Moore. Written by Will Collins; story by Moore. Starring David Rawle, with Brendan Gleeson, Lisa Hannigan, Fionnula Flanagan, Lucy O'Connell, & Jon Kenny.

Concept: A
Story: B
Characters: C
Dialog: C
Pacing: C
Cinematography: A
Special effects/design: A
Acting: B
Music: B
Enjoyment: It's beautiful to look at. It could use more of a sense of humor. The story is too much like My Neighbor Totoro for it's own good (with some doses of Spirited Away and Brave thrown in); I liked it quite a bit, but it's nowhere near Totoro quality. B

GPA: 3.0/4

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