May 6, 2014

Under the Skin

Under the Skin, 2014. Something posing as human lures men to their doom.

Directed by Jonathan Glazer. Written by Walter Campbell & Glazer, based on a book by Michel Faber. Starring Scarlett Johansson.

Concept: C
Story: C
Characters: C
Dialog: C
Pacing: B
Cinematography: A
Special effects/design: A
Acting: B
Music: A
Enjoyment: Visually, very cool. And a lot of stuff is interestingly disturbing. The whole point seems to be the development of the character, and she remains too alien the entire time to get anything from that aspect. You don't ever get a sense of what she's thinking until two or three scenes later, and you never have anything like an understanding of the character. As far as the science fiction goes, it's as absent as possible. It's kind of like a Tarkovsky film, except not boring. Which I guess I kind of like, apparently? At it's worst, it's at least fascinating. B

GPA: 2.9/4

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