May 21, 2014

The Twilight Zone: Season One (wrap-up)

The Twilight Zone: Season One, 1959-1960. A collection of modern-day fairy tales.

[see individual episode posts for details]

Concept: Great idea for a show, although the episodes only occasionally have good ideas. A [episode-by-episode average: 2.89/4]
Story: I was surprised by how weak the stories are. I mean, they're mostly good, but I expected greatness. C [average: 2.39/4]
Characters: C [average: 2.14/4]
Dialog: B [average: 2.5/4]
Pacing: B [average: 2.67/4]
Cinematography: Great for early television. B [average: 2.69/4]
Special effects/design: B [average: 2.53/4]
Acting: B [average: 2.83/4]
Music: B [average: 2.89/4]
Enjoyment: I had extremely high expectations for this show - reinforced by the exceptional first episode - so maybe I'm not judging it fairly. But The Twilight Zone is not everything I'd hoped it would be. The few great episodes make up for a lot, though. And even when it doesn't work, they're at least constantly trying to do something different. B [average: 2.72/4]

GPA: 2.9/4 [episode-by-episode average: 2.63/4]

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