January 24, 2015

Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange, 2014. An elderly couple is forced to live separately while apartment hunting.

Directed by Ira Sachs. Written by Sachs, & Mauricio Zacharias. Starring John Lithgow, & Alfred Molina, with Marisa Tomei, & Charlie Tahan.

Concept: C
Story: C
Characters: B
Dialog: C
Pacing: It's slow and deliberate. It got me pretty impatient, but at the same time it has a graceful sort of rhythm to it, and strongly contributes to the poignancy of the movie. A
Cinematography: A
Special effects/design: B
Acting: A
Music: A
Enjoyment: There's a scene where Alfred Molina's character is giving a piano lesson, and his instructions to his student - to stick to the rhythm and not embellish - could be the director's instructions to his editor. This film moves and breathes like a piece of classical music. The plot is simple and predictable, but the form and texture give it a kind of beauty. B

GPA: 3.1/4

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