November 30, 2014


Interstellar, 2014. A wormhole is explored while Earth is dying.

Directed by Christopher Nolan. Written by Jonathan Nolan, & Christopher Nolan. Starring Matthew McConaughey, with Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Caine, & Matt Damon.

Concept: A
Story: D
Characters: C
Dialog: C
Pacing: Rushed. It could easily have been 10 or 12 hours long, as a TV series maybe. C
Cinematography: A
Special effects/design: A
Acting: B
Music: A
Enjoyment: One of the crappiest of all time crappy endings. It's on par with "And it was all a dream," undermining the movie's entire plot. C

GPA: 2.8/4

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