March 7, 2014

The Invisible Man

from my 100 Popular Movies Marathon, part 21 of 100

The Invisible Man, 1933. A man turns himself invisible and gets murdery.

Directed by James Whale. Written by R.C. Sherriff, based on a book by H.G. Wells. Starring Claude Rains, with Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan & Henry Travers.

Concept: B
Story: D
Characters: D
Dialog: C
Pacing: C
Cinematography: C
Special effects/design: B
Acting: D
Music: It's not used during most of the film, but I didn't really notice the absence. What's there is good. B
Enjoyment: There's a lot of cleverness dealing realistically with the questions of what can an invisible man get away with, and how can you catch him. And some bad humor that's so unexpected it's funny. But without those pesky details of characters or acting or anything else that makes you care about a movie, it feels like it's about twice as long as it is. C

GPA: 2.0/4

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